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Nkisi nkonde statue
Gekozen door Pierre Wachholder
Nkisi nkonde statue
Nkisi nkonde statue
This nkisi nkonde was initially the property of Ne Cuco, one of the grand chiefs of Boma with whom the manager of the A. Delcommune factory was in conflict. This nkisi is of great importance. The Kongo leaders almost assimilated the fact that it was recuperated by the men of Delcommune with taking someone hostage. What's more, Ne Cuco was prepared to pay a ransom to retrieve it. A. Delcommune was very familiar with this fetish which was renowned in the region, mainly because he had called on its services in the past. Indeed, upon the advice of a local official, a costly "rental" of the nkisi had been made to Ne Cuco in order to make it possible to catch deserters who had fled from the young Belgian.
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There is a shared history between Congo and belgium about this piece , and an opportunity to build a better future for both communities with proper handling . Let's learn and build from the past , which our ancestors made , with the hope that we can make a better future .

— Pierre Wachholder